Casino Jackpot Wheel

A Different Approach to the Jackpot – Jackpot Wheel Casino Review Jackpot Wheel casino is unlike any other online casino, and we mean that this time. Jackpot Wheel casino is not your typical online casino that offers the same games as everyone else. They’re a rare casino that deviates from the standard NetEnt or Microgaming… Continue reading Casino Jackpot Wheel

Zambian and Kenyan gambling laws

Africa appears to be the world’s next gambling hotspot, thanks to a rapidly growing young population and widespread technology. Almost three-quarters of African youths now have cell phones. So they can bet on sporting events. With increased internet connection, bettors may now visit online casinos from the comfort of their homes. There is more potential… Continue reading Zambian and Kenyan gambling laws


Poker is the name of a family made out of different games dependent on a comparable establishment. Notwithstanding, Texas Hold’em is just one of these games and is the most well known slot game in the Poker family. Poker, Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Badugi – what do this multitude of names mean? Is it true… Continue reading POKER VS TEXAS HOLD’EM


PokerStars, alongside most of destinations, expressly boycotts the utilization of poker bots to play for you however that doesn’t stop individuals attempting to get around the principles. The world is turning out to be more robotized; occupations, driving, and sadly, even our poker rivals are currently being supplanted by brilliant betting robots. Yet, why precisely… Continue reading POKERSTARS BOTS